Ready to upgrade your home?

So you purchased your first home a little while back, but now it’s time to move on and find another dream home? Summit Mortgages can make the shift from your current home to your new home a simple and easy one.

Getting started

Not sure how to sell your current home, and buy your new home, all at the same time? We can provide great advice on the process, how it all works, what you might be able to afford and some tips to help ease the process.

Getting a pre-approval

A pre-approval gives you an idea of how much you can borrow before you go house hunting. Its often a good idea for Next Home Buyers to get a pre-approval in place to give you confidence and a price point. We can help you with this.

We do this everyday

We help people get their finances in line and get approvals for people to buy their first home, next home or investment properties. We know how the process works, and we can help walk you through it while giving you good advice to get you an approval and then suggest ways to help you pay off that loan quicker.

Where to start

We can help you through the process. We will keep you informed and give you tips on how to prepare yourself to get an approval.
You can start here by either applying online, or call us to set up an appointment.

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Low rates

We negotiate the best possible rates through our broker system.

Easy 3 step process

1. Your authority and consent.

2. We negotiate.

3. You choose which rates you prefer.


Independent advice

With our expertise we can recommend which options are best for you. NOT the bank.

Meet your team

Kyle Imeson

Kyle Imeson

Director & Mortgage Adviser, Financial Adviser, FSP 607609

Matt Walton

Matt Walton

Mortgage Adviser, Financial Adviser, FSP1001298

Lou-Ann Pretorius

Lou-Ann Pretorius

Administration Manager