Looking to get into investment property?

If you currently own your own home, you could be considering getting into investment property. We will help you find a great mortgage deal, and we’re with you throughout your investment property journey!

Looking at the bigger picture

When it comes to property investing, we need to look at the whole picture: your current situation vs. your potential situation once invested in property. Things to consider are; what you currently own on your owner-occupied property, what equity is available and your mortgage commitments, and if you can meet the commitments of another property.

Getting a pre-approval

A pre-approval gives you an idea of how much you can borrow before you go house hunting. Its often a good idea for Investment Property Buyers to get a pre-approval in place to give you confidence and a price point. We can help you with this.

Helping you organise your deposit

The most common situation when getting into investment property is using equity from your current home. But how much do you need, and what do lenders require for a deposit for investment property? We can help you with all of this, and find an awesome deal across a range of different lenders.

Where to start

We can help you through the process. We will keep you informed and give you tips on how to prepare yourself to get an approval.
You can start here by either applying online, or call us to set up an appointment.

Meet your team

Kyle Imeson

Kyle Imeson

Director & Mortgage Adviser, Financial Adviser, FSP 607609

Matt Walton

Matt Walton

Mortgage Adviser, Financial Adviser, FSP1001298

Lou-Ann Pretorius

Lou-Ann Pretorius

Administration Manager